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There are few events in the world that wouldn't benefit from a little elegance and luxury, and there are many ways to go about doing so for almost any occasion. Weddings can always benefit from some unusual catering such as a popcorn stand; corporate functions can benefit from a bit of light jazz playing in the corner; exquisite catering can make all the difference at a post-funeral reception. One form of extravagance and pleasant eccentricity that can bring a delightfully fun twist to all but the latter of these occasions is a chocolate fountain. Until relatively recently, chocolate fountains were portrayed and indeed were in reality limited to a handful of fairly exclusive social functions and banquets, but these days the hiring of a chocolate fountain for pretty much any occasion is an affordable expense whose price tag pales in comparison with many other forms of catering. This page is intended to act as a directory of some of the finest chocolate fountain hire companies around, offering a brief profile and contact details for each., Greater London

A name doesn't get more enticing than that of "Velvet Chocolate", not least because ‘velvety' is probably one of the most desired properties of the liquid chocolate that will be pouring from tier to tier as this company's chocolate fountains add elegance and style to your chosen event. Velvet Chocolate are a company that offers not only the hire of chocolate fountains but also the production of the finest handmade chocolate truffles (see the Velvet Chocolate Truffles) website as well as other unusual catering options such as candy floss and popcorn machines. Perfect for occasions such as weddings, parties, and corporate events at which you are hoping to impress and dazzle, Velvet Chocolate cater to the greater London area.

The staff are fully trained to provide top-quality service and put to use the company's two large 44" and one 33" chocolate fountains.

Website:, London and Beyond

Covering an impressive area that includes locations from Crawley to Fareham, Yately to Brent, and Swindon to High Wycome, are a company that can offer an extremely competitive quote for events where up to 300 attendees will be present (though the company have catered for events with over 2000 guests).

Rental includes a commercial-sized Giles & Posner chocolate fountain, unlimited quantities of milk, dark, or white chocolate (all Belgian in origin), a choice of 8 different dips from a selection of 18 located on the menu, two uniformed operators, and a variety of additional features that are listed on the rental section of the company's website.


Chocolate Fondue, Essex and the Surrounding Area

This particular company offers much more than your standard chocolate fountain service. In fact, you would find it a challenge to find another company that offers both chocolate fountains and a wide range of other kinds such as champagne and Baileys fountains. The company even goes the extra mile, offering crepe machines, fruit palms, chair covers, candy buffets, and a popcorn machine. The extensive nature of the company's services means that it has the ability to cater professionally for a huge range of different functions like weddings, parties, corporate events, and many more.

If you take a look at, you will also find that the company boast the world's largest chocolate fountain, a point of merit that few other companies can boast about. They also offer a package that is perfect for Asian events, with weddings as a particular speciality in this section.

Website:, Liverpool and the Surrounding Area

With perhaps one of the most professional-looking websites of all the chocolate fountain hire companies, Just Melt presents its high-quality service with the tagline ‘Share the Indulgence', reflecting the joy and luxurious touch their services will bring to most any occasion. The packages on their website are designed in order to plainly state their features and the cost involved so that any confusion is avoided.

The company uses only the finest Callebaut Belgian chocolate and can cater for events that will contain anywhere between 10 and 500 guests. The company is based in Liverpool but also covers the following areas: , Bradford, Chester, Derby, Blackpool, Bolton Huddersfield, Leeds, Liverpool, North Wales, Manchester, Preston, Sheffield, Southport, Stoke-on-Trent, Warrington, Wigan, Wirral, and more (see website for further details).