Unique Birthday Treats For Chocolate Lovers

Most of us love chocolate therefore its natural for us to buy the ones we love chocolates in one form or another as a gift for birthdays or other special occasions. Finding something more unusual and original in chocolate form makes the gift even more special but where to find special chocolate treats is another matter. Here we look at some of the more unusual chocolate creations out there, what they are and where to find them.

Chocolate Golf Iron and Ball by Schokolat

Yes you read it right! Here we have a great novelty chocolate gift to give to the golfer in your life a little something special. At first glance you could not be blamed for thinking that this product is the real thing such is the authentic detail on the ball and iron but this product is definitely made from 100% chocolate.

Created by Schokolat and available from The Unusual Gift Company via their website a lot of work has gone into the creation of this product to make it look real. There are indentations, scratches and authentic colouration, while the items are created by the silicone moulds that the chocolate is set in. Priced around the £16.00 mark it's an unusual chocolate gift that will surprise and delight without breaking the bank.

Schokolat also have further unusual chocolate products including items you would find in a regular tool box such as hammers and spanners, cheese graters, rolling pins and nut crackers. All these items can be viewed at the Schokolat website.

The Chocolate Library

The Chocolate Library

When looking for a special chocolate gift for a family member who is celebrating a birthday why not pay a visit to The Chocolate Library. This fabulous website sells a wide range of unusual chocolate bars that can be personalised with names and messages making your chocolate gift unique.

The Chocolate Library has a range of yummy chocolate bars that are a great substitute for sending a birthday card as they can have any message or name printed on the exterior packaging, while gifts come in lots of different categories such as "Girly" or "Sporty" meaning you can choose an item specific to the character of the person you are buying for.

All age groups and genders are catered for, as are most occasions, interests or hobbies making choosing a chocolate bar easy. The chocolate is sourced in Belgium and moulded in the UK, while The Chocolate Factory will deliver your gift in a range of ways. (see the website for further details)

Chocolate on Chocolate

Chocolate on Chocolate

Chocolate on Chocolate is another great family run business where unusual handmade chocolate gifts can be ordered and delivered to your door. For instance The Birthday Girl Handmade Chocolate Hamper features a range of delicious Belgian chocolates formed into shapes such as stiletto shoes, handbags, cupcakes and the letters that spell out the word birthday. It's great fun and a real treat for any lady!

The Birthday Boy Hamper is similar except the chocolates feature cars, making the gift a little more masculine, while both sets are priced at £24.00 each which is reasonable we think. Both chocolate gifts contain alcohol so not suitable for children, while the website does offer a great range of chocolate treats for kids.

Chocolate on Chocolate will personalise your choice with a name or a message, while gifts can be ordered from their website or bought from retail outlets such as John Lewis who also stock the range.

Hotel Chocolat

Chocolate on Chocolate

The name sounds decadent doesn't it? Hotel Chocolat produce mouthwatering chocolates that exude luxury and taste while catering for all palates from those who love dark sultry chocolate to those who enjoy fruity or light milkier versions.

Gifts for him at Hotel Chocolat include Mojito Cocktail Chocolates, a Beer Selector Range and a fabulous For My Dad Gift that is great for dad's birthday or Fathers Day featuring salted caramel puddles plus a range of chocolate bars specifically aimed at men such as the Cocoa Beer bar.

Ladies gifts are fabulous with a wide range to choose from. The Beauty Box that is priced at £55.00 comes in a stylish box similar to a jewellery box and is filled with a scrummy range of chocolate specialities. The drawers of the box are silky lined and dressed with ribbon plus have a mirror so ladies can use the box when the chocolate delights are gone for trinkets and keepsakes. A full range of their products can be viewed at the website or at price comparison site www.comparethecomparisonsites.com.

Chocolate Trading Co

Chocolate Trading Co

Is the person in your life a computer game geek? If so this quirky little chocolate gift will definitely go down a treat! The chocolate game controller looks just like a console controller the only difference being it is made from delicious milk chocolate ready for computer buffs to eat. Priced at just £4.99 it's a great gift to raise a smile without breaking the bank.

The Chocolate Trading Co offers a comprehensive range of reasonably priced original chocolate ideas for the chocaholic in your life such as chocolate spoons, credit cards, smartphones, miniature handbag and heels and golf balls. Chocolate Gift Boxes and Chocolate Gift Hampers are also available, while a free message is included with every order.